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Luxurious Day at Hévíz by a Private Helicopter

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Planning to take an outer city excursion from Budapest to the world’s largest natural thermal lake? Now you will have the opportunity to do it the fastest, most comfortable and most spectacular way possible, by an imposing private helicopter in the form of a whole day exclusive excursion.

The tour will start from your accommodation in Budapest in the morning, where a pickup will take you straight to Budaörs airport in the outskirts of the city, where you will be greeted with a glass of champagne, to get you in the mood for the coming adventure. After your pilot introduced to you, and you had a chance to get a close look at your means of transport, an imposing 4-passanger private helicopter, you will climb on board, and your journey will start towards southwest from Budapest, to the airport of Sármellék.


Your journey will take you over magnificent sights of the Hungarian plains, nature reserves and beautiful cities, such as Vác, and the historical city of Székesfehérvár, on the way to your destination. Your personal pilot will make sure you see everything worth checking out from above, and he will fly as low as possible, to ensure you will have the best view of these spectacular sights of Hungary. Before arriving to the airport, you will be treated to the breathtaking view of the “Hungarian Sea”, the Balaton. Here, you will be able to admire the one-of-a-kind beauty of this region from a new perspective. See its magnificent National Parks and Nature Reserves when hovering over them with a luxurious private helicopter! Your pilot will be flying slower, so you will have time to admire all the beautiful villages and landscapes you will pass.

When arriving to Sármellék airport, you will have a little time to stretch after the flight, then you will be stepping into a private vehicle, which will take you all the way to the famous thermal town of Hévíz. Lake Hévíz is a spectacular sight to the eye and it’s even more wonderful for the body and soul, of which you will have first-hand experience, when dripping yourself into the pampering water of this, according to many visitors, miraculous lake. Take as much time as you want and need in the facilities of Hévíz and enjoy it to its full extent. Get energized by the great power of its hot thermal water and relax under the hand of local masseurs, who are undisputed professionals of their work. Rest your eyes on the magical natural surroundings of the lake, admire the water lilies floating on the surface and swim around a little in the pond as you feel its undeniable power. After your day of healing, hop back into the luxurious vehicle, which will take you back to the airfield of Sármellék, from where you will climb on board the private chopper which takes you back all the way to the capital.

On the way to Budapest you will have another chance to view all the beautiful places the helicopter passes over and take some pictures of your favourite sights. Your whole experience will be recorded on multiple GoPro cameras. We will edit and send you the video of your adventure, so you will be able to take home and share your experience. After arriving back to the airport in Budapest, you will be transported back to your accommodation to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.


1 person: 2 967 EUR

2 people: 2 967 EUR

3 people: 2 967 EUR

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