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Air Taxi from Budapest to Bratislava by a Private Helicopter

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Looking for the fastest way from Budapest to Bratislava? You just found it, as there is no other direct flight between the two cities! Enjoy an exclusive helicopter transport combined with a sightseeing experience with this one-of-a-kind Air taxi service to Bratislava.

The tour will start from your accommodation in Budapest in the morning, where a pickup will take you straight to Budaörs airport in the outskirts of the city, where you will be greeted with a glass of champagne, to get you in the mood for the coming adventure. After your pilot introduced to you, and you had a chance to get a close look at your means of transport, an imposing 4-passanger private helicopter, you will climb on board and your journey will start northwest of Budapest.

The flight will take you over many important and awe-inspiring locations in Hungary, such as nature reserves and national parks. On the way to Bratislava, you will hover above the Danube, which serves as a border between Hungary and Slovakia, and it poses an unforgettable sight from above. Most of the way towards Bratislava your helicopter will be flying over the river Danube. Your pilot will pay attention to fly as low as possible, so you will have plenty of chances to admire the wonderful sights along the way and take as many photographs as you want.

Your chopper will land on the Štefánik international airport of Bratislava, from where you can either transfer to another plane, or go inside Bratislava and explore the city.


1 Person: 2 967 EUR

2 People: 3 000 EUR

3 People: 3 000 EUR

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