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Juutalaisten perintö -kiertue

Juutalaisten perintö -kiertue

Juutalaisten perintö -kiertue


Budapestissä on Keski – Itä Euroopan suurin juutalaisten yhteisö, joilla on aktiivista uskonnolista, artistista ja historiallista perintöä. Vuosisatojen ajan unkarilaisten ja juutalaisten historiat ovat olleet niin kietoutuneita toisiinsa että ne ovat lähes erottamattomat. Juutalaiset olivat, ja ovat isossa roolissa maan ekonomisessa, kulttuurisessa sekä poliittisessa elämässä.

Yrityksemme on perustettu vuonna 1995 ja siitä lähtien olemme yrittäneet näyttää vierailijoillemme unkarilaista ja juutalaista kulttuuria maassamme.

Meidän englantia puhuvat oppaamme ovat hyvin koulutettuja, ja heillä on tarvittava tietotaito auttaa sinua ymmärtämään Juutalaisten menneisyys ja nykyinen tilanne Unkarissa ja Budapestissä. Meidän kiertueemme ovat yhdellä kielellä (englanniksi), ja yritämme pitää nähtävyyskiertueet pienten ryhmien kanssa.

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Vastataksemme erilaiseen kysyntään, meillä on kolmen tyyppisiä kiertueita:

  • Normaali kiertue (1,5 - 2 tuntia)

Vieraat joilla on vain vähän aikaa voivat osallistua meidän 1,5 tunnin Juutalaisten Perinne -kiertueelle. Kierros sisältää sisäänkäynnin Dohányn synagogaan, joka on suurin Euroopassa.  Lisää >>

  • Suuri kiertue (3,5 - 4 tuntia)

Kierros sisältää sisäänkäynnin Dohányn synagogaan, joka on suurin Euroopassa. Opastettu kiertue Juutalaisessa museossa, jolla on tärkeä ja uniikki kokoelma taidetta Unkarista ja itäisestä Euroopasta. Tutustuminen Juutalaisvainon Hautausmaalle jonne tuhannet ihmiset jotka kuolivat „ghetto aikoina” haudattiin.  Lisää >>



“Jewish synagogue tour”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed October 9, 2013
Via Hungary Koncert Day Tours, you can book a guided visit to the Great Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and the Wallenberg museum. Depending on the time and the money you want to spend, an essential and a grand tour are available. You sure can book via other ways too but I don't know, consult trip advisor or the net. I guess the guides are independently working for
one or another internet buro.
Ask anyway for the guide named "Blonda", a very enthusiastic young business student, pretty well informed and "involved" with the jewish history of Budapest. She's very fluent in english, very friendly and has the gift to make alive what happened during world war II. Not a summary of historical places and data but a real movie bringing you back to the thirties and the forties.
During the visit to the jewish museum, guides of the museum accompany the visitors. A must
if you want to understand something of the jewish culture and reasoning and their very explicit views and insights on life and death and history. I quickly understood I will never understand them perfectly : almost another planet. Walk around with Blonda in the old jewish ghetto and
try to convince her for lunch or some beers in the many restaurants and hidden places you
can discover. A must to go.

Visited October 2013

“Expanded Grand Tour”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed September 19, 2013
I took the Expanded Grand Tour and Fatima my tour guide really made the history of the area come alive with small facts and anecdotes. The tour included a private tour through the Jewish Museum with a museum tour guide who was able to tailor the information on the group's existing knowledge and expand upon it. The Duhany Street Synagogue is just stunning in it's architecture and size and unlike other places, you can take pictures. The tour included entry into a synagogue that has not been restored to really see and appreciate the damage WWII and communism did to this neighborhood. And the yummy local pastry at the end of the tour was fantastic.

Visited August 2013

Subject: Jewish cultural heritage in Budapest -guide Fatima

We were very pleased with the excellent guide Fatima who has a great knowledge of jewish history. It was a honour to have her as a guide.
Jacky and Véronique Horn from Antwerp Belgium

My husband and and I took your extended tour while in Budapest. Our guide was Fatima. I can't say enough good about her.  She was very well informed and pleasant. I will  recommend your tour, and Fatima as a guide to all my clients that visit Budapest. Do you have similar tours in other European countries?

Francine Denowitz

Independent agent
TPI Travel Services

Hello, Vlado.

We were recently in Budapest, and took a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter.  Our guides were Viki and Fatima, and we would like to say that this was not only the best of several tours we did  on our recent trip, but the two guides were the best we encountered.  They were very well-informed, friendly, polite, and above all, they exuded a warmth which we found found lacking in many tour guides.

Vicki and Fatima brought the area to life, it was as though we could hear the voices of those Jewish people who had once lived there. We intend to recommend this tour and these two guides to friends who intend to visit Budapest.

Thank you, Vicki and Fatima for giving us a wonderful and informative experience. All the very best for the future.

Best wishes,  Denny and Judy from New Zealand.


Dear Gyongyi Grigalek,

I just wanted to thank you for arranging things for us last week.

We were very impressed with the Jewish Grand Tour and with our guide, Nikki, who was absolutely charming and most interesting.  We would be grateful if you would pass on to her our thanks.

We would also like to thank you for sorting out the problem with our taxi at the beginning of the tour.  The young man who eventually came to pick us up was very kind and polite and got us there safely!

Once again, thank you for all your help.

With kindest regards,

Shelagh Herbert


A blog from our guest, Len:

"Hungarian Jewish Heritage
Shalom, my friends!

Today I did something very special with my daughter, and took her for a Hungarian Jewish Heritage grand tour in Budapest. It was all on foot and took about three hours. The weather was perfect and we both enjoyed it!  What an unforgettable birthday gift it was for her!......"


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