Szechenyi Bath

Szechenyi Bath

The Széchenyi Bath is largest thermal spring bath complex not only in Budapest, in but whole Europe as well. It's also the first thermal bath of Pest.

It owes its existence to Vilmos Zsigmondy, a mining engineer; on his initiative, successful deep borings had been performed in the City Park, where later, in 1881 already an "Artesian bath" was in operation. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath was built in 1913 in neo-baroque style o­n the basis of plans composed by Gyozo Czigler. At that time it had private baths, separate men and women steam-bath sections, and different men / women "public baths".

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The complex was expanded in 1927, and currently has 3 outdoor, and 15 indoor pools. After its expansion, the thermal artesian well couldn't fullfill its purpose, so a new well was drilled. The second thermal spring was found in 1938. Its depth is 1256m (4 120 ft), and its temperature is 77 °C (170.6 °F) and it supplies 6.000.000 litres (1 585 032 US gallons) of hot water daily.

The complex was damaged during the second world war, and was reconstructed in many steps till 1952, when the daily hospital service opened for people who needed physico therapy treatment.

The reconstruction of the pools of the swimming section, their equipment with water filtering and circulation devices was completed in 1999. The so-called fancy bath includes a whirling corridor, underwater effervescence production, neck shower, water beam back massage installed in the sitting banks and many other features.

Its thermal spring is one of the deepest and warmest in the city. The bath is located in the City park, opposite of the City Circus and it can be reached by subway line No. 1 (station of the same name: Széchenyi fürdő).

We would like to inform you that the outdoor pool of the Széchenyi Bath (soda corridor) is unfortunately not available due to renovation from February 5, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

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Ticket prices

20 EUR
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“Highlight of Budapest”
4 of 5 stars
Reviewed January 30, 2014 NEW
Amazing place to visit at night in the winter.. despite it being minus 7 celsius outside, the thermal pools were divine. Easily reachable on the metro, which stops just outside. I had an excellent massage,but a word of warning. Despite arriving well in advance of time I found myself at the wrong main entrance (there are four entrances altogether!) standing in a queue waiting to speak to a cashier for 20minutes, before being told I was in the wrong place and repeating the process over again... Go straight to the helpdesk if you have prebooked, and if there is no helpdesk there you are in the wrong place! Fortunately the therapist was very professional and realised what had happened and extended my treatment time quietly. Much appreciated.
The baths are a must do..

“Love an adventure.”

4 of 5 stars
Reviewed January 10, 2014 NEW
I was very glad that the hotel had a special representative at the baths to assist! She also called for a car from the hotel to take me back at the conclusion of my visit. It was a little hard to find your way around and outside. The private changing room which you keep the entire time you are there is very nice and makes it comfortable to leave your things -- though as with any public place, I would not recommend you take a lot with you. Once I did find my way outside, it was worth the hunt. Though I had to struggle again to find it the second time out, after I had gotten a massage. The massage was wonderful, but be prepared for a lack of privacy--you are not in the "modest treatment zone" as we are used to in the USA. I'd recommend keeping your swimsuit bottoms on. I visited in November and it was a tad bit chilly outside! That was part of the fun. It was fine going from pool to pool. I would definitely recommend this adventure on a visit to Budapest.

“Romantic moment at i BathsSzecheny”
Reviewed July 1, 2013
I and my husband went there 29th March 2013 and we also had booked Deluxe couple massage (60 min) + entries) on the website. We got the private changing room which was really comfortable, furthermore the massage was really professional and came on time. By the way they also have Thai massage which I saw that when I arrived there. +36 Celsius in the baht and +2 outside that day was absolutely perfect, because we never felt too warm when we were in the water. Moreover we did not need to wait for a long queue for everything in that time. Staffs were very helpful. But one thing I have to notice is you have to take your towel to the sauna for preventing misunderstanding about the towel of the other guess. The Szechenyi Baths suit for everyone except babies , because is too warm for them

Visited March 2013

"Soaking a good evening"
Jun 24, 2013  A TripAdvisor Member
We were the first day we arrived in Budapest after a long journey by train, so we were excited to relax a while. The receptionist, very friendly, told us that it was best to take a cab entry and one with locker and the two usasemos the car (it was cheaper). The use of a swimming cap is only binding in the central pool, but the rest can be without it. Outside there are three pools to swim a little hot "games" (a river, burujas, waterfall, etc ...) and other warmer (35 º) quieter. Then inside there are many other pools with different temperatures and types of water and saunas of different temperatures (both wet and dry). Overall a very enjoyable visit which to spend a few hours. Mind you, I recommend that you take ducharos soap right there when you leave.

"A great way to beat the summer heat"
Reviewed June 4, 2013
The Baths have countless pools (hot, warm, and cold) and several saunas. If you want to fully explore the Baths, you will need more than just two hours. The experience is definitely worth the time. In summer, it tends to get crowded and you may end up standing in a long line. If you want to avoid the line (or don't speak Hungarian), I recommend asking at your hotel if they would help you with tickets. The front desk of our hotel offered help when we mentioned we wanted to go there. They sold us the tickets and also made reservations for massages at no extra charge and added the cost to our hotel bill. Later, we discovered that they saved us from standing in a very long line (which we just bypassed, since we had already purchased the tickets) and we also avoided a lot of hassle since only few of the employees we encountered in the Baths spoke English. We spent the extra money to get cabins and we were glad that we did. You will get a watch-like bracelet, that serves as your ticket, unlocks your cabin, and will need to be scanned if you book a massage.

My masseuse was very good and thorough, but our communication was limited to the very basics and mainly gestures, since she did not seem to speak much English, and I do not speak Hungarian or German. The massage was refreshing, but the room was very utilitarian (I had to bring my own towel), so don't expect an American style spa. Also, they do not offer massages for couples, so my husband and I were separated. They were able to get us in at the same time though.

During this visit, I learned the hard way that waterproof/water-resistant watches are not "warm spa water-resistant". Remember to take your watch off before you get in the swimming pools. I ruined my favorite watch.
Visited August 2012

"A Unique Experience"
Reviewed June 3, 2013
My wife wanted very much to visit one of the famous Budapest baths. I had thought at first of going to the Gellert, but the Viking rep recommended Szechenyi. Also highly recommended by Rick Steves. It was an easy metro ride from our hotel. Check-in was easy, helped by an English speaking hostess who greeted us when we entered. It helps to read up on the entrance process beforehand - how to pay, the bracelets, changing cabins/lockers, towel rental. Unfortunately, one of the three outdoor pools was closed for maintenance, but we spent several hours lounging around and in the warm water pool. A unique experience providing a feel of Budapest life.
Visited June 2013


Jun 8, 2013  A TripAdvisor Member
We spent a wonderful afternoon at these spas. There are many pools at all temperatures, indoor and outdoor, hot, warm or cold: a more beautiful than the other. They come in all flavors: with boiling water, with a relaxing geysers, with the "vortex" that pull you into the water, with the healing waters excellent for physical therapy, etc.. If you go to Budapest you have to come here. A great piece of advice, you make in your hotels or tickets online to avoid queuing.

"you must visit!"
Reviewed June 11, 2013 NEW
We visited the baths last week and easily passed 4 hours there and loved every moment. We booked our tickets in advance opting for cabins rather than lockers. The staff were very helpful showing the way to the cabins and how to activate and use the wristbands. It is popular and gets crowded but the outdoor pools are spacious and there's enough room for everyone. I don't understand comments saying that this place is dirty, we found it to be immaculate! It was a beautiful sunny day when we visited so spent most of our time in the outdoor pools but do take time to visit the various indoor pools each of differing temperature/mineral composition and also visit the saunas. There are a couple of cafes selling beers, snacks and drinks. It was the last day of our 4 day visit and the perfect way to ease the aching muscles and feet! thoroughly recommended!
Visited June 2013

“A relaxing afternoon”

Reviewed April 12, 2013

Myself and two friends visited the baths on our second day of a three night stay in Budapest. We bought the ticket from the hotel reception and got a cabin thrown in in place of a locker. Although it was a bit chilly outside the pools were lovely and warm.The activity pool is 30 to 34C the thermal pool is 38C and the swimming pool is 26 to 18C. Remember if you want to swim you must wear a swimming cap! However, you do not need one in the other pools.
Inside there are 14 other pools , hydro pools ,saunas and stream rooms for you to try.
Its a beautiful building and well worth a visit for the building alone.
There is a cafeteria which you can access pool side but the food is horrible.
There is a bar outside so take a waterproof carrier for some cash to save you a trip back to the cabin.
We hired towels as we didnt want to carry wet towels around with us, the cost is reasonable but you need a large deposit.

Visited April 2013


“Confusing but a nice experience”
Reviewed April 13, 2013

We opted for going to these baths and hopped on the metro that took us almost to the door.

We bought our tickets from the hotel and exchanged them for entry with a tourist point just as we walked in. W had to pay cash but it did mean we didn't have to figure out the wide range of options. Unfortunately then we were totally lost! We managed to get through the gate and find the towel hire (actual cost 700 HUF but large deposit as well). Luckily there were some staff around who helped us with the cabin system and we managed to follow some people to the showers!

Once in we had a wander round all of the pools. Most pools had Hungarian signs but little English. This was fine for pools as you can make out the temperature but for some of the saunas we weren't sure (there was an interesting one that goes through a cycle of lights, no idea why!). We didn't really know what we were doing but enjoyed it anyway.

Towards the end we did see some tour guides which I think we're free. I would recommend trying to find them on the way in, it would have been nice to know what the different pools are for so we could have made more of it.

Definitely pleased we did it and nice way to unwind

Visited April 2013


"A must do in budapest plus some tips!"
Reviewed January 4, 2013
The Szechenyi baths are amazing and a must visit whilst in Budapest! Though they can be a little confusing! Just a couple of tips to make your visit as pleasurable as possible- purchase your tickets in advance so you don't need to line up (as the lines can get quite long!). We were able to buy some from our hotel reception. When you get in you can hire towels which are 4600 forints each- you receive 4000 back upon return of the towels. We didn't have enough cash with us so went without towels :( This one is pretty simple but we couldn't work it out the first time we came- To be allocated a cabin to change in you need to hold your wrist band against the electronic box (which are located in the change room areas) it will then flash up a number- go find your cabin and voila! Enjoy!

Visited January 2013