Gellert Bath

Gellert Bath

Since its construction in 1918, the Gellért Spa has been the most prestigious of thermal baths on the Buda side of the city. The spa is famous for its main hall with gallery and glass roof, built in Art-Nouveau style, sparkling bath and open-air pool with artificial waves. The bath is decorated with numerous Art-Nouveau furnishings, artistic mosaics and sculptures.

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The earliest remaining records about the "magical healing spring" are from the 15th century. Later the Turkish favorised this spring, because it was warmer and larger than any other in Buda. In the 17th century the bath was also called the "muddy" bath, due to the fine layer of mineral mud consolidated on the bottom of the pools.

The current bath complex and hotel was opened in 1918, and was expanded in 1927 and 1934 with the artificial wave pool, and bubble bath.

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Ticket prices

21 EUR
+Massage: (18 EUR): 38 EUR

+ Pick up service: 33 EUR

I love Spa Plus Package - 55 EUR

„I love Spa Plus” package guest are treated with exceptional care and assistance, our colleagues at the Spa help them find their way around and a complimentary Spa gear is included additionally to the entry ticket.


Package inclusions:

- full day entry ticket including private cabin use

- complimentary Spa gear

- I love Spa towel - TAKE AWAY

- orientation and general assistance

- Pick up service ( no drop off, during the reservation please let us know about your accommodation and about the prefered pick up time )

Spa gear inclusions:

- flip-flops

- swimming cap

- 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel

- 0,5 l Ave still mineral water

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If you book this program online, you can enter the spas with the printed confirmation email between 9-18 hours, and you can stay till closing time (20-22 hours).
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5 of 5 stars
Reviewed February, 2015

This tour was amazing!

4 of 5 stars
Reviewed January, 2015

The site is amazing. Very large with different areas of water and plenty of room to visit them (although it is true that we visited on a Monday, which is supposed to be less touristed). Only a but. There is zero information. Nobody tells you where are the different water areas, saunas, etc. You have to get you life your only and is quite large, so if you do not investigate well you can miss things. Open all doors behind them because you may be the treatment or bathroom you want. Most dramatically, the warm pool outdoors. You're on the road to zero degrees, swimsuit and so warm. It is a rare and spectacular sensation being in a pool outdoors while the street is at zero degrees and you're watching the lights of the buildings in the city. Very highly recommended and unique.

4 of 5 stars
Reviewed January, 2015
Nice place , I assume healthy to do bath at list ones a week.

“Relaxing in glorious surroundings”
4 of 5 stars
Reviewed January 28, 2014
We pre-booked our trip to the spa which gave us access to lockable cubicles where you just leave all your stuff. However, they are a bit grotty, while the more public changing rooms where you can rent a locker looked much nicer, as though they had been recently refurbished. However, this didn't spoil our visit, which included a quick aqua fit class in the swimming pool, which seemed to happen fairly often. You will need to take a swimming hat (a shower cap will do if you aren't going to do any serious swimming, although the Hungarian slow swimming club seemed to be there in numbers), a towel, and flip flops - the floors in the saunas and steam rooms get very hot. If you opt for any massages etc. you need to come out of the pool area and cross the lobby to the other side, which is a bit weird if you are only wearing a swimming costume! The massage took an hour and was lovely, and the staff were really helpful. I would only question the choice of 'relaxing' music for the massage - Michael Bolton! Although the outside temperature was below freezing, one of the outdoor pools was open, as was the sauna outside. Well worth a visit.

Just Go and Relax...”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed January 10, 2014
As one of the 3 main thermal baths in the Budapest area, this labyrinth of pools will get your body well relaxed after a walking day throught the city. We walked from the hotel (15 minutes walk from the Marriott Millenium Hotel). If you have the oportunity, buy the tickets at the hotel and will save on making te line and few bucks also. Tey have 3 choices:
1. Just access to the pools
2. Access with Lockers access
3. Access with cabin access (more private)
As soon as we arrived the acknowledge the hotel voucher and moved us to the front, issued our access bracelets and we were in. They might offer you a massage packaged, which is good too, but is your choice. Now, like I mentioned before, is a like a small maze to get the the lockers area, make sure you bring a towel and some sandals if you like to walk around the place. They have several pools and they are marked with the water temperature, very convenient if you want to go to the hot water pools. Select the pool you like to relax in and enjoy your time. The outside pool is closed during the winter season, however, the outside hot pool and sauna are open.
The ancient decoration inside is as relaxed as the pools.

“Worth a visit but read reviews first”
Reviewed June 29, 2013
Beautiful and interesting old art nouveau building. These baths are magnificent and well worth a visit but it's expensive at roughly £15 each and staff are unhelpful at best so read the reviews so you don't need to rely on them.
Book in advance at your hotel and pay the extra for a cabin (cubicle). Take your own flip flops, towel (your hotel will lend you one) and swimming cap (even men need to wear cap in main pool). The entrance to the baths is on the right hand side of the building. When entering, the 'help desk' for pre booked tickets is immediately on your left before going through the swing doors. You will be given a wrist band which will get you through the turnstile and lock your cubicle. Go through the 2 sets of swing doors and the entrance to baths is on your right after the ticket and 'information' desks. Follow stairs down to cubicles. Main pool and spa is immediately on your right as you reach cubicle area. Outdoor wave pool, spa and sauna are further along on your left. There are maps of the baths on the walls but it can still be confusing. Take your towel with you to pools. Showers are through the door to wave pool, in the toilets at top of stairs to lockers, outside next to wave pool and next to main pool too - take your pick. To lock lockers push in button on door with disc on wrist band and hold until it clicks. Same to unlock. I imagine its the same for cabins which I advise you get unless you're happy to change in front of everyone. Wave pool is great fun. Lifeguard will let you know when it's due to start. Baths are open until 8pm - make sure you get your money's worth. Massages available at extra cost.