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Gellért massages

Important: The listed prices for the massages include your entry ticket to Gellért spa, the prices listed at the couple massage options include both entry tickets.

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Aroma 20’:

This is a calming, gentle massage done with slow and soft techniques. High quality, skin-friendly oils are used for the treatment, its main purpose is relaxing the muscles.


Single: 41 EUR

Thermal 20’:

The massage is mainly used for locomotive issues and disorders. The masseur finds the problematic areas and applies a personalized treatment for you.


Single: 43 EUR

Harmony Aroma Relax:

This 50 minute long full body, relaxing massage is based on the popular aromatherapy method. Four different types of fragranced oils may be used for the treatment, the choice is yours. A 70 minute version with extra facial and foot massage is optional.


Single 20 minutes: 46 EUR
Couple 20 minutes: 84 EUR
Single 45 minutes: 69 EUR
Couple 45 minutes: 131 EUR
Single 60 minutes: 81 EUR
Couple 60 minutes: 151 EUR

Royal Thermal:

This stronger massage is based on Swedish techniques, it is truly an all-around treatment, not focusing on any specific part of the body, but providing a general healing, rehabilitating effect.

A 70 minute version with extra facial and foot massage is optional.


Single 20 minutes: 48 EUR
Couple 20 minutes: 88 EUR
Single 45 minutes: 72 EUR
Couple 45 minutes: 138 EUR
Single 60 minutes: 84 EUR
Couple 60 minutes: 158 EUR


You can book your VIP massages here:


Thai massages

Traditional Thai Massage
This originates in the Ancient East. The main effect of the massage is to balance the energy system. The massage tries to ensure a free energy flow by pressing and stretching the muscles. The masseuse presses the energy points with their thumb, palm, elbow, knee and foot. The efficiency of the massage is increased through moving and cricking the knuckles. The objective is to (physically and psychically) remove pain and tenseness and to achieve a flexible, reared condition. Our masseuses are qualified at the most famous massage schools in Thailand. For these treatments we provide special, comfortable clothes to our guests. The massage is applied on mats laid on the floor.

Durations and prices:
60 minutes: 41 EUR
90 minutes: 48.30 EUR
120 minutes: 55 EUR


Thai Herbal Massage
This type of massage is a combination of medicinal herbs will be wrapped in the cotton cloth and heated over a steamer or hot pot before use to knead firmly on the aching and pain areas. While applying the heat and the absorption of medicinal herb will help to heal and relieve the tension of the aching muscles. It will also help to improve the respiratory function and act as natural skin antiseptic, helping to cool and smooth the skin. The bag full of herbs contains more than 15 herbs.

Durations and prices:
60 minutes: 43.30 EUR
90 minutes:  51.70 EUR
120 minutes: 60 EUR


Thai oil massage
Thai massage with oils is s special version of the traditional Thai massage. In this case the massage is not given in clothes. Touch and sensing the fragrances together have a beneficial effect, directly through the skin. The oily massage stimulates circulation, the volatile oils embrace the body and take their effect through inhalation. It helps purification, strengthens the immune system, makes skin more elastic and silky. It revitalizes the tired soul.

Durations and prices:
60 minutes: 45 EUR
90 minutes: 53.30 EUR
120 minutes: 60 EUR


Thai foot massage
Foot massage originates in Ancient Chinese Medicine, and it has been applied in Asia for more than 3000 years. It prevents and cures several illnesses.
Almost  all of the sensing nerves originate from the foot. The foot massage stimulates the activity of the internal organs, balances the activity of the blood and lymphatic circulation, improves endurance, boosts immunity, purifies the body, revitalizes the quest and promotes long life. the masseuse uses her fingers and special sticks for t he massage, together with special creams and oils.
The foot is the map of the body. If there is a disease in the body, circulation is not sufficient and the given point of the foot will be sensitive or painful to pressure. If this point is massaged the circulation of the connected members will improve.

Durations and prices:
30 minutes: 21.70 EUR
60 minutes: 30 EUR


Thai Back-neck-shoulder massage (traditional thai)
This is a dry treatment, without oil. It is a stronger, deeper massage, which tries to ensure a free energy flow by pressing and stretching the muscles. The masseuse focuses only on  the neck-back-shoulder parts. The massage eliminates the stress and refreshes the tired body.

30 minutes: 25 EUR


Thai Back-neck-shoulder massage with oil
This is a soft, relaxing massage with oil. The masseuse focuses only on the neck-back-shoulder part. The massage relieves tension on these parts and the aroma oil makes the skin more elastic and silky.

30 minutes: 26.70 EUR


Face-head massage
This massage relaxes and tranquillizes. Eliminates stress, helps to concentrate, and extremely  effective for headaches. (the treatment is without oil)

Durations and prices:
20 minutes: 13.30 EUR
30 minutes: 18.50 EUR


You can book your Thai massages here:

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