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Gellért Private Bath

Gellert Private Bath

Gellért Bath

Gellért Bath

Similarly to the other units of Gellert Baths, the Ornamented Bath Hall is decorated with Zsolnay porcelain, which provides the visiting couples, guests with a truly wonderful sight. The ornamented bath is filled up with healing water so our new Private Bath service can insure not only nice recreation and a homelike environment but also refreshment of the body and the soul alike.


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The Ornamented Bath hall is in the special unit of Gellért Baths, in front of the entrance gates.

•    The duration of the service is 3 hours, which can be used in the special hall
•    It is not necessary to purchase the entrance ticket for the baths
•    One bottle of chilled champagne and a fruit tray for 2 persons is included in the price
•    A heating cabin supplements the hall, which is available at any time during the 3 hours

Location: Gellért Baths, Ornamented Bath Hall

Duration: 3 hours

90 EUR
(Private Bath with chilled champagne and fruit tray for 2 persons, heating cabin)

The service can be used either by 2 people


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We ask you kindly to contact us a few days before the chosen date so we can ensure their attendance.

Coordinates47° 29.0574' N, 019° 3.1044' E

Private bath info

  • in the Gellért Bath

  • 90 EUR for 2 people

  • 3 hours

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