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Bath entry + Dinner & Cruise

Bath entry + Dinner & Cruise package

Bath entry + Dinner & CruiseBath entry + Dinner & Cruise

If you order our Dinner & Cruise program with a baths entry ticket, we give you a 10% discount from the entry fee for the bath!

Spend a relaxing day in one of the baths we offer entry tickets to, then in the evening admire the Budapest panorama from our ship, while enjoying a delicious dinnner and listening to the world famous Rajkó Orchestra’s musicians playing live!

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Read more about the Dinner & Cruise here!
Read more about the Gellért Bath here, and the Széchenyi Bath here.

A visit in Budapest is not complete without bathing in one of its world-famous thermal spring spas. It is no wonder, that the Romans discovered the healing effects of the thermal springs long ago, however the true uprising of the bathing culture in Hungary began during the turkish times. We offer entrance tickets for the two most elegant thermal baths of Budapest: Széchenyi and Gellért Bath.

The vibrant city of Budapest has various faces. At night it calms down, the lights are lit, and a new city awakens after sunset. We created this program for those, who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights, accompanied by a real candlelight atmosphere with a romantic dinner and live music. The delicious meals on our boats, are prepared by Chef Molnárka Péter.

The salon music is performed by members of the Kodály Zoltán Awarded Rajkó Folk Orchestra.

The cruise starts at 19:00; meeting time is 18:30 at the Danube Palace.
You can enter the spas between 09:00 and 18:00, through our Help desk;
there is a possibility to take part int he programs on different days up to your preferences.


Ticket prices:

Széchenyi + Dinner & Cruise: 69 EUR
Gellért + Dinner & Cruise: 70 EUR

Open date Gift Voucher

Gift something unforgettable!

Surprise your loved ones with the splendid 'Open Date Gift Voucher' for one wonderful night, by purchasing a ticket for them to use whenever they prefer to!

We ask you kindly to contact us a few days before the chosen date so we can ensure their attendance.

You can enter the spas from 9 a.m. (the ticket is valid for all day, and incudes cabin useage), the meeting time for the ship cruise is at 18:30 at the Danube Palace (1051 Budapest, Zrinyi Street 5.)

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Dinner & Cruise dates

Every day! Even on 24th December (click!)!

Except on 20th August
and on 31st December!

Package price for baths & cruise

Type Adult Student
Széchenyi + Dinner & Cruise 19600 HUF 19600 HUF
Gellért + Dinner & Cruise 19900 HUF 19900 HUF

+ Aroma massage (30 minutes)
in Széchenyi Bath: 4800 HUF
in Gellért Bath: 5000 HUF

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